Monday, November 5, 2012

Resolution of Two Common Errors with Kaspersky Internet Security

For securing your computer from malware, various security applications are available. Every brand has its own features, which provide different level of security. Among them, Kaspersky provides top-notch protection from the malware. Its user-friendly interface and advanced security attract users more.

Kaspersky has different products like Internet Security Suite, Anti-Virus, PURE, Kaspersky ONE, Mobile Security, Tablet Security, and many more.

There are some error messages that you may encounter with Kaspersky security application on your Windows PC. These error messages can be resolved by availing third party Kaspersky Anti-Virus support. Two of these common errors are listed herein below.

Error 1

Error Message

“Disk Defragmenter cannot continue prescan because there is corruption in the file: C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Kaspersky Lab\AVP8\Report”


This error is reported in Kaspersky Internet security when disk defragmentation is done. This error mainly emerges due to a virus called Heur Trojan Script framer. There is no exact solution to remove this error message but you can follow the given ways that may help you in eliminating this error.

1.    Remove the virus that is the cause of this error. Scan completely and eliminate the virus. If you are not able to do so, you can contact experts of third party online Kaspersky support.
2.    The most recommended solution is to uninstall Kaspersky Anti-Virus and re-install it. This is a very effective solution for removing this error. You need a KAV remover for uninstalling Kaspersky, the fresh copy is available on the official site of  Kaspersky. Remember the serial key as it is a very important factor for installing.
3.    Defrag.exe is present in system32 folder; add this in your Kaspersky application. You will find this file in c: /windowssystem32. You can add this by following these steps:

•    Navigate for “Settings”
•    Select “Threads and Exclusions”
•    Click “Trusted Zone” and select “Trusted Application”

Be sure that “Do not monitor application activity” is selected. In addition, add dfrgfat.exe for FAT and dfrgntfs.exe for NTFS drives. If you face any issue in following these steps then contact  third party Kaspersky, uninstall support.

Error 2

Error Message
Internal Error 2771


This error code appears when you install Kaspersky Internet Security (KIS)2012 beta. You can easily fix this kind of error message. If you have installed previous version of KIS or any other version of KIS then you will encounter this error message. Another reason of this error occurrence is that you have not properly uninstalled the previous version.

You can remove this error by simply removing the previous KIS antivirus. However, if you have uninstalled it and the error remains then use a registry cleaner and clean the registry.

You can also use CCleaner for the same purpose; it will properly clean the registry. Now install KIS from the beginning. If you find issues while fixing your antivirus you can contact third party Kaspersky Anti-Virus fix online. Experts will handle your issue and help you in removing these errors.

Kaspersky is very famous among the computer users. It has various products that provide total security. Its great advanced features help you in detecting and removing various available malware. Users encounter some error messages in their Kaspersky Internet Security. You can resolve some error messages by yourself and for some typical errors technical advice is the better option.

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